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Yesterday's offshore services:
Stale but still for sale

What they tell you, and
why you might buy it

Safeguarding financial privacy has been made difficult, but some have reasons to pretend it's still business as usual. Learn what they tell you, why you might buy it, and what you might not know.

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Key topics:

  •  Existing offshore strategy evaluation
  •  Planned offshore strategy evaluation
  •  Offshore jurisdictions: good vs bad
  •  Bank secrecy: legislation & practice
  •  Confidential, low-key banking
  •  Trail-free asset transfers
  •  Beneficial ownership legislation
  •  Nominee services & anonymity
  •  Offshore services - asset protection
  •  Offshore services - privacy
  •  Offshore services - trading
  •  Confidential offshore banking
  •  Confidential financial transactions