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Alex Hanson

ALEX HANSON's expertise covers all aspects of offshore banking, including opening of accounts and the design of confidential financial strategies and transactions.
Alex describes himself as a diplomat working in the war zone of offshore banking. With a personality that is a combination of authority and charm, he uses his diplomatic skills to good measure on behalf of his valued clients.
Benefit from Alex's day-to-day experience and connections within financial institutions around the world. Whatever your concerns, receive practical, impartial and frank advice with an accent on asset protection and privacy.
An advocate of low-profile solutions, Alex uniquely utilises the alternative financial community to assist his clients in meeting their goals.
When not helping his clients to gain a strategic advantage over "greedy governments, nasty ex-wives and paranoid bankers", Alex divides his time between his property development business and his growing interest in collecting ethnic art.

Not a keen writer himself, Alex nevertheless made sure his views were known and guided our team in the preparation of three articles for our Financial Privacy website: Opening Offshore Bank Accounts, Sending Money Offshore and Banking Transactions.
Is he telling too much? We secretly suspect he is sharing a few tricks of the trade in the hope of limiting the sometimes unmanageable volume of client enquiries that come his way.



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