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David Godschalk

DAVID GODSCHALK is an acknowledged offshore legislation expert, researcher and analyst.
Whether it's tax, bank secrecy, corporate structures or another topic, you can rely on his encyclopaedic knowledge of the relevant offshore laws and customs.
Whilst David rarely takes an active role in the design of offshore strategies for private clients, he is happy to answer questions regarding both legislation and actual practices in most offshore centres.
David's primary goal is to provide others with the benefit of staying a step ahead of any imminent offshore legislative changes. To this purpose, David diligently monitors and analyses all developments affecting today's offshore financial industry. This includes keeping an eye on the work of offshore regulators, monitoring the progress of anti-offshore initiatives, monitoring political developments in offshore centres, and researching all news and other factors that might result in adverse legislative changes.
A self-confessed stickler for details, David is affectionately known as the "angry librarian". David says: "Research may sound dull but remember that information is power. I get a lot of satisfaction when I tell people to stay out of this jurisdiction, be wary of this bank, or watch out for this law, and six months later they send me thank-you-thank-god-I-did notes."
David's comprehensive knowledge of offshore regulatory issues is also available to those wishing to obtain offshore banking, insurance or reinsurance licences. If you are about to start wading through all that red tape, you'll be glad he is on your side.
David is libertarian and an outspoken critic of big government and European federalism.

At Offshore Fox we rely on David to keep us updated with news of the latest legislative moves from Brussels to Brunei.



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