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Lawrence Buckley

LAWRENCE BUCKLEY specialises in arranging offshore residency for those seeking a sunnier or low-tax climate, a better business environment or simply a more secure future.
Lawrence himself swapped the cold skies of his native London for the Caribbean in 1989. He has since developed a thriving consultancy that helps others find fiscal freedom in new domiciles as diverse as snow-capped Andorra and sunny Antigua.
A fierce exponent of the right to financial privacy, Lawrence relishes the challenge of the new offshore era and the subsequent growth in interest in alternative offshore residency programmes.
Having practised what he preaches helps Lawrence understand the dilemmas and frustrations of relocation. "It's not just a matter of paperwork," he says, "but also everyday practicalities, from finding a place to live to knowing where to get a jar of your favourite jam."

Lawrence approached us with an idea for a fiction-busting look at the second passport "industry". The result is our Second Passports website.
Lawrence is currently working on the development of an authoritative guide to world residency programmes, which will form part of the Offshore Fox network in late 2005.



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