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Peter Widder

PETER WIDDER specialises in offshore asset protection, estate planning, private wealth preservation and tax mitigation, all with emphasis on financial confidentiality and the high degree of discretion that his clients demand.
Peter's offshore career began in the high-pressure world of corporate tax mitigation where exacting scrutiny by tax officials gave him the determination to make the best use of every loophole available offshore.
This discipline has now been carried over to his work with private clients who seek robust asset protection solutions.
Whether you need a single offshore company for low-tax trading, a confidential trust for asset protection or a heavy-duty, multi-layer wall of protection for your assets, gain the instant benefits of delegation to a professional.
Peter offers a complete service: from evaluation of the client's circumstances and planning through to full implementation.
"I don't just sell offshore companies; I solve problems -- and that is the reason why I am busy," says Peter. "Selling paper is easy; taking the burden from the client's shoulders and producing a workable, real-world solution is a new professional standard we are trying to set."
Although dividing his time between London and Brussels, the so-called capital of the European Union and the location of his wife's interior design business, Peter however is the definitive Euro-sceptic. His passion for traditional regional cooking and distaste of what he calls the "nightmare of the nanny European state" is the source of his many critiques of Brussels policy.

Peter's input as an organiser, original thinker and contributor has always been invaluable to us. What makes Offshore Fox different is in part due to Peter's willingness to reveal what lies beneath the surface of the offshore industry. Peter's contributions to Offshore Fox include articles on our Offshore Corporations and Financial Privacy websites.



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