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At Offshore Fox, we are committed to protecting your privacy - online and in the real world.

1. General website use

1.1 Personally identifiable information

We do not collect any personally identifiable information about general visitors to this website.

We do not allow third-party content (such as advertisements) on this website that attempts to collect any personally identifiable information or attempts to track users' browsing habits across the internet.

1.2 Aggregate trends analysis

We gather, store for a limited amount of time, and analyse general, non-personal information about visits to this website. All such information is anonymous and cannot reveal your identity.

For example, we count visits to this website, and establish how long an average visitor spends on this website. We also evaluate which webpages are proving the most popular, and examine what are the most common entry points to this website.

The analysis of such information helps us identify general trends and improve the design and content of this website.

The analysis of non-personal information may be processed by a third party subcontracted by us for the purpose of aggregate trends analysis.

1.3 User feedback

If you choose to provide feedback regarding this website or any portion of it, for example through a "Care to comment?" box found on some of our webpages, you may do so anonymously.

Your feedback serves to improve the content of this website and we do not need, nor request that you provide, your email address or any other personal identifiable information unless you wish to do so, or unless you request a response to your message.

1.4 "Cookies"

We may employ so-called "cookies" -- small, browser-side text files -- in order to facilitate better navigation and usability of this website, to enhance user experience of this website, and for the purpose of trends analysis as per point 1.2.

All cookies used are anonymous and do not store any personally identifiable information.

2. Personalised website use and communications

2.1 Personally identifiable information

We receive personally identifiable information, such as an email address, from those users who choose to subscribe to services such as newsletters, news alerts or site update notifications.

We may also receive personally identifiable information from those users who choose to contact us with requests for information, referral requests, service enquiries, comments, feedback or who choose to direct other communications to or via Offshore Fox.

2.2 Information disclosure to third parties

Personally identifiable information as per point 2.1 is treated as strictly confidential. The contents of any communication transmitted to or via Offshore Fox are treated as strictly confidential, proprietary and restricted.

Your name, email, telephone or fax number or any other personal information, or the contents of any communication transmitted to or via Offshore Fox, is never shared with, sold, rented, lent or otherwise disclosed to any party outside of Offshore Fox and its affiliates.

We follow strict guidelines in order to prevent unauthorised access to confidential data.

We do not disclose personally identifiable information, or the contents of any communication transmitted to or via Offshore Fox, in response to a law enforcement agency's request unless accompanied by a valid court order, subpoena or otherwise part of legal process enforceable in the jurisdiction where the data sought is held.

3. References to third-party internet websites

On this website, we may provide references ("links") to other websites on the internet. Please be aware that such external websites may follow different privacy guidelines.

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