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At Offshore Fox, we are committed to giving you access to the very best of offshore services.

1. Services provided

Please note that the primary purpose of this website is to publish offshore-related information. We do not provide any offshore financial services as such.

However, we do refer prospective clients to qualified professionals who provide counsel and practical assistance in a number of offshore disciplines.

We recommend specialists who share our philosophy and deliver services with an accent on privacy and confidentiality of clients' affairs.

2. Requests for referrals

We provide a number of convenient ways for you to get in touch with a professional best qualified to assist you, bearing in mind your specific needs:

  • You can write to us, giving the details of the service you need. A live person will review your communication and forward the same to the most appropriate specialist for attention.
  • Alternatively, to save both your and our time, you can use an automated facility such as our Offshore services locator to instantly locate the most appropriate specialist and send your enquiry directly.
  • If you are reading a document that discusses the issue that is on your mind, you can also obtain an instant referral simply by selecting an appropriate subject under "Need advice?" at the bottom of the document.

3. Due diligence

We do not conduct any due diligence on persons who take advantage of our referral services. All persons authorised to access Offshore Fox as per our Terms of Access and Use, Section 2 are also welcome to request a referral to, and/or use this website to facilitate a contact with, any of Offshore Fox-recommended specialists.

Nevertheless, you should note that individual specialists may expect clients to demonstrate legal title to any assets in question and/or demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that any such assets have not been derived from serious crime. Clients may be expected to execute a declaration of non-criminal origin of funds prior to the commencement of service.

In particular, all individual specialists to whom we refer clients are under obligation to the publisher of this website not to make their counsel or assistance available to any restricted party as defined by our Terms of Access and Use, Points 2.2.1 to 2.2.7. Clients may be expected to execute a waiver prior to the commencement of service.

4. Limitation of liability

Please note that you are solely responsible for your involvement with offshore jurisdictions or offshore financial services. We accept no responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken on your part.

Further note that you are solely responsible for your dealings with any individual specialist or specialists we may refer you to. The provision of any counsel, assistance or service is subject to understandings, agreements made, or contracts executed between yourself and the individual specialist, and consequently entirely beyond our jurisdiction.

Above all, you are advised to investigate what legislative restrictions -- if any -- exist in your country of citizenship or residency with respect to involvement with offshore jurisdictions or offshore financial services. If unsure, seek professional advice in order to remain within the law.

We recommend that you make yourself familiar with our Terms of Access and Use, Points 5.4 to 5.6 which clarify our position in this regard.

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