Second Passports
Second Passports: Current Routes to Instant Second Passports

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By Lawrence Buckley



Get the Facts
Before Getting a Second Passport

As politicians at national and international level curtail our personal freedoms, more and more people are searching for a second passport to escape the clutches of the bureaucrat. Before you begin your search, arm yourself with the facts and reject the fiction.

Second Passports
No-Nonsense, Present-Day Perspective

Lawrence Buckley outlines some of the benefits of owning a second passport. He also dispels many of the myths and offers warnings about the pitfalls and dangers of certain second passport programs.

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Second Passports: Who needs them?
Financial privacy and security
Common routes to second passports
High profile vs low profile passports
Banking passports
Caveat emptor: Buyer beware
Getting your second passport
Due diligence services

Second Passports
Second Passports Financial Privacy
Second Passports

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