Second Passports
Second Passports: Current Routes to Instant Second Passports

Second Passports:
Who Needs Them?

Freedom from oppression, visa-free travel, asset protection: Having a second passport brings many advantages.

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In the classified advertisement section of many international publications and all over the Internet, you will find many organisations and individuals who advocate owning a second passport. It clearly has many advantages.

As with anything that is unusual, misunderstood and moreover a direct threat to big government authority, there are many misconceptions concerning second passports.

Contrary to the most widely held myth, it is not in itself illegal if the necessary procedures are handled correctly and professionally.

Neither are benefits of owning a second passport purely limited to a name change and for those in society who for whatever reason feel the need to disappear -- although clearly it does offer a great advantage to this class of person.

The ownership of a second passport means freedom from whatever forms of oppression -- fiscal or political -- you may be subjected to.

As a privacy tool and as a means of reducing taxation liabilities and protecting assets, a second passport is of undeniable importance. To the politically and economically oppressed or those unlucky enough to live in pariah nations, a second passport is a lifeline.

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Second Passports
Second Passports Financial Privacy
Second Passports

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