Second Passports
Second Passports: Current Routes to Instant Second Passports

Financial Privacy
And Security

Second passports that incorporate a legal name change are used by many as the basis of their asset protection strategy.

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William Godwin, a 19th-century philosopher and the husband of the author of Frankenstein, once posed a very interesting and a thought-provoking question:

"When I was born," Godwin pondered, "did I sign any agreement by which I agreed to the terms and conditions of the laws and the government under which I now find myself ruled?"

The answer is of course no, he did not -- and neither did you, nor I, nor any of those many individuals who choose to acquire a second passport and citizenship as they grow dissatisfied with the "terms and conditions" attached to their birth nationality.

This is not to suggest that there is anything wrong with national pride; however, the increasing erosion of national sovereignty by global authorities (and the emergence of a near-federal state in Europe) has dampened these emotions except amongst the mentally challenged hooligan on the football terraces.

Furthermore, government interference in its citizens affairs are at an all-time high; centralist socialist administrations need your tax revenue to fuel the human machinery (bureaucracy) by which they seek to order your lives.

A second passport has become for many the foundation stone for a permanent and absolutely secure asset protection strategy. Holding assets as a citizen and passport holder of another nation, even if under a different name, is not in itself illegal. The benefits are also permanent and absolute.

An assets strategy based upon a second nationality is not subject to the fortunes of offshore centres like the Bahamas that may or may not in the future reveal your assets to a centralised world financial authority: Even the most sophisticated and intrusive form of electronic surveillance (legal or otherwise) will be unable to thwart a simple legal procedure -- a name change.

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Second Passports
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Second Passports

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