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Second Passports: Current Routes to Instant Second Passports

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Get professional, impartial second opinion regarding any second passport offers.

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Obtaining a second citizenship or residency is a major step and it is imperative that the process is handled professionally from start to finish. But how can you be sure?

Common sense demands that major decisions in life require impartial professional advice. Asking for a second opinion would seem the logical step and that is exactly what I offer.

My second-opinion service relies on extensive, years-long experience of this specialised field, as well as a vast database compiled over many years and comprising details of programs and providers both bogus and bona fide.

Let me know how I can help you.

However, please note that a second opinion is all that I offer. I do not provide any second citizenship or passport services.

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Second Passports
Second Passports Financial Privacy
Second Passports

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